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Old Man In Nursing Home Hears Music From His Era

I love this video way too much. Just another reason why I love music. If you have 6 minutes watch it.


Blue Like Jazzy Jazz

Donald Miller’sImage Blue Like Jazz is one of those books that has always stuck with me ever sense reading it when I was in high school. The book is a series of essays about certain topics and how they relate to faith. What sparked my interest in the book again was the movie adaptation. The movie is really nothing like the book in that it really only deals with one topic and that is loving Christ, but being ashamed of what religion has done to Christ teachings. I thought the movie was great and it was indie film if there was a indie film because I think half the budget came from a kickstarter project in which the fans of Donald Miller and the book gave money to get the movie finished. One line that resonates with me is a quote from the book and film and that is“…Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself…” My duty as a Christ follower is to show love to others, meet peoples needs, feed the poor, love the unfortunate. Sadly that doesn’t seem to be the message of most churches. I’m not saying I’m perfect and that I do those things all the time. I probably haven’t done one those things in months.The bottom line is that some people need to be shown Jesus to understand why christians love and follow Him.People have to watch somebody love something before they can see why they would love it themselves. I only started getting why Jesus loved a idiot like me because I started showing his love to others. Its pretty awesome. I hope people will walk into the movie theater and see this movie,if not then on DVD. Blue Like Jazz(book and movie) has great themes and messages and It’s the only christian movie I have ever seen that cussed….maybe Left Behind had one or two. So that was just some thoughts. Go and Be. Show some love.

Cabin in the Woods….Go see it

Just got back from seeing this….had me laughing/scared/amazed/shocked/suprised/amazed again


yeah like I said go see it

Sexy Sax Man and vampires


Last night I watched a true American classic, well a true 80’s classic Lost Boys. I have never seen Lost Boys before but I had just heard it was one of those movies you have to watch and you should not only watch the movie because of the 80s vampire action but also for the sexy sax man. I had heard of the sexy sax man because of SNL did a sketch with Jon Hamm as the sexy sax man popping up at random occasions. Sure enough 10 minutes into the movie, the main characters are watching the sax man jump around. I was laughing so much. Its hard to tell if its a serious moment or if the audience is supposed to be laughing at him. The movie is great fun but I still don’t know why they would put the Sax Man in there because it didn’t further plot.Well I guess it did  further the plot since thats where the main guy falls in love with the vampire girl. So there would be no story if the main guys didn’t want to see the Sexy Sax Man live. So really Sexy Sax Man is Lost Boys. Mind Blown! ANYWAY,it was just one of those scenes in cinema history, much like Michael Corleone’s first hit that will stay with you forever. Go watch it for your self, and let the sexy sax man blow you away.