MST3K(things in common)

Last night after much debate on what to watch with my dad, we watch what we always watch when there is nothing to watch,Mystery Science Theater 3000. I have been watching MST3K with my dad since I was in 2nd grade. There something about Mike(or Joel) and his robot friends making fun of campy movies that me and my dad have enjoyed together for 12 years. Usually we don’t even finish them. I see MST3K as something from my childhood that I was there for. Most things with cult followings I enjoy like Evil Dead I wasn’t there for or like Firefly I completely missed. MST3K will always be special. I could see my dad being 70 and I being 40 and I would come over and I would say what do you want to watch he would say let’s dust off the ole video DVD machine(it is the future) and the holographic robot maid would pop in a MST3K. I’m truly blessed to have a Dad that loves the same things as me, most guys don’t have that. So take I take it for granted every time we watch MST3K and laugh together. So in the not too distant future I know we will do it again, and it will but just as awesome as it was when I would just laughing at the robots when I was a child in my dad’s lap.


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