Kenya Blog 1 Summer 2010

Here is example of one of blogs from my Kenya trip way back in summer 2010


Its been a week since I went to the slums, and the stuff I saw hasn’t really my head. As we were walking in the first thing we saw was a dead man in a street who had died of an overdose on pure alcohol. I was like “what the he have I gotten my self into God”. As we walked further into the slum we stepped over trails of sewage and dodging little kids screaming “How are you”? Wed did a house visit or a woman who lived in a 9×9 shack with 8 kids. She has 3 of her own and takes care her murdered sisters other 5 children. Wow. I was stunned. God broke me in that shack. I gave the woman rent for the month, which was like 13 bucks or something. I didn’t do it to feel better, I did it because Jesus commands it. I left the house changed. Further into the slums we came upon this ridge that overlooks the sewage river. This is where guys make alcohol like the one that killed the guy at the entrance. They make the stuff out of sewage. I was shell shocked at the overwhelming need, as if God himself couldn’t fix all that hurt and pain. We went back to the school we were helping at, I didn’t feel like playing kids, the same kids that stayed in the Mihari slums. The only thought I had the whole day after that was how can people live like this. The church shouldn’t let this stuff happen, these people are more than statistics. The people that live on less than a dollar a day are alive and well, well not to well. These people also have stories and lives, and some even believe in God. These people have more faith than most Christians living the American dream, and they have nothing. The prayer for this would be, God I pray the church realizes the overwhelming need and it takes this huge need of poverty on.

Drew Hulsey

Love you mom


[The picture could not upload.  Too big.  Maybe next time!]


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