Kenya(stop listening)


So its been over 2 years since I went to Kenya. Not a day goes by I don’t think about it. It was just one of those things I took a step without looking back and did. Recently I was looking through my old blogs that the trip required us to write so we could let people in the states know how and what we were doing. Just reading those blogs I can see how on fire for Jesus I was and how I wanted to do everything possible when I got back home to help those in need. I wanted to start at least 10 communities,13 homeless shelters,an orphanage.I had to move to a huge city with poverty.I had to start picking up every homeless dude I saw hitching.I had to get the word out that Jesus is an amazing guy and you should really get to know him. For a while there after coming back I was going to single handlely change the education system through the power of my awesomeness…..and Jesus.I still don’t know to this day why I went, maybe just to get out of the house.I just knew I was supposed to go cause God said “Hey man it would be really awesome if you did what I told to do”. I guess I thought I was going to find my purpose in life or get radically changed because I indeed heard the call of Christ to go and be.Kenya did change me in a lot of ways.You cannot walk into a 9×9 hut with 9 children and a mother living there and not come out changed. But my on fire for Jesus attitude quickly fizzled after I realized there was a life to live in the U.S. A less exciting life that didn’t include playing with orphans or walking around in slums. But a grand life in the U.S no less. I even tried to rekindle the fire for Jesus by going again to a place called Lesotho.It was an amazing trip and I got to play with cute orphans again and I sure did bring a lot of soccer balls, but nothing came out of it as far as God’s purpose in my life. I still was unsure of my future and how it played out with God plans. I eventually quit worrying about hearing a loud cry from the heavens saying do this or that. I stopped listening.God didn’t even whisper his plans for me in my ear,they just happened.Now I have a job doing something I truly love, working in a Boys Home with kids who haven’t quite had the best life, or just haven’t found the right home yet. I know for sure it’s where God wants me to be. It wasn’t by some mission trip or Mother Mary in my toast type of thing that got to me to where I’m at. God just gave me an awesome journey to get back to a place I was already near.


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