A day of bad driving and a confrontation with a old man

I like driving. I have been doing it for 7 years. I get to catch up on podcasts,try out new bands and occasionally think. I hate bad driving. Not like the stereotypical bad driving like Asians or women, I’m talking about my driving. The other day when I met a friend for lunch was a day of bad driving. Rain,not knowing where I’m going,looking at an iPhone GPS all led a weird confrontation with a guy at the place I was meeting my friend for lunch. Another thing I hate is confrontation. After missing my turn in the rain, looking at my phone, talking to my friend, u-turn, I found the right turn. I thought all the honking and u-turning was over until I pulled in front of a guy backing into a spot. I saw him at the last second and sped into the spot. After ordering lunch the guy behind was the guy that almost hit me. The guy at the counter asked the guy behind me how he was doing and he said he “Would like to of hit me”. In my brain I heard he wanted to slap me.I know he meant he almost hit me with his truck but I thought physically hit me.Immediately I apologized and I don’t think he said thanks. I walked off a little frazzled that I couldn’t think about what to talk about with my friend for a tidbit. It wasn’t even a little bit of a huge confrontation but it was enough to leave me nervous. I couldn’t even imagine a giant confrontation where I messed up something detrimental. I would hide. Runaway. That’s just the kind of person I am. I guess I need to be less of wimp more of a….man .I don’t even know. I guess for now I will avoid confrontation or try to…..and never drive in the rain never ever again. Lunch was worth it though.


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