My love of Max Payne


Max Payne has always had a spot in my heart. 12 years ago or so Max Payne came out for the Xbox and that other game system I want recognize. That was the first game I remember other than Tony Hawk I played constantly without ever getting tired. Max Payne is about a cop who’s family gets killed by drug addicts.Max cant deal with his loss and it haunts him everyday.Meanwhile the russian mob is causing havoc in NYC.I loved the game because of it quirks and it story was fantastic. It was serious but it had its funny moments. All I really cared at that time about was bullet time shooting and the enemy’s love of soap operas,but after playing it recently I realize its true greatness.Also the music was awesome. There was one level I played at least one-hundred times.Max Payne is in my top 3 favorite games of all times.The second one was all right, not as great as the first.Well Max Payne 3 comes out tomorrow and I’m getting pretty excited to fill Max’s shoes again. I have a feeling nostalgia will take over and it will be great. It wont be the happiest game,but it will be a good time.


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