10 minutes of coolness and ditching a friend

I was a cool kid for about 10 minutes. It happened at band camp. In 7th grade. Thats not the cool part. Definitely not the cool part. I confessed my attempt at being cool to my best friend last night while playing Xbox Live, now thats really cool. Anyway I played bass drum in 7th grade with a much “cooler” older guy who played snare. This cooler older guy was a 9th grader. Oh yeah, 9th grade,the big time. One night the cool guys were doing something and I was drawn to them.I left my friend who I hung out with 24/7 to hang out at there bunk. What they were doing involved looking at hot girls in a yearbook with a flashlight after bedtime.So cool,so extreme. I remember thinking it was so awesome that I saw something my best friend did not. I think I remember how weird it was walking by my best friends bunk I after ditched him,all to look at a yearbook with 9th graders.Why is there a yearbook at bandcamp anyway? I just now realize how much of a jerk I was for ditching my best friend. I never thought about it up until last night when I apologized. It wasn’t a serious conversation and this happened over 10 years ago. My friend said he was hurt at the time and never brought it up to me. The one moment I was cool didn’t ruin my friendship. We had some good times at that band camp after that. Chasing girls, playing a game we called fudgeball(you hit a ping pong ball hard at each other, you get hit, you yell fudge),getting measured for band uniforms,sweating from marching all day. It was a weird time. I wanted to be cool. I found an opportunity to be cool and it was plain dumb. I was dumb. I don’t know what made me think of that story. It wasn’t a huge event in my life. Just a moment when I abandoned my friend for a night that stuck in my brain. Man fudgeball was fun.


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