The Wrath of the Dollar Movie Goers

I don’t expect much when I go to the dollar movies. You pay a $1.50 for movies you kind of want to see but don’t want to spend 8 bucks on. I once saw a trailer at the dollar movies for Die Hard 2, explain that one to me. I took some of my boys from work today to see Wrath of the Titans. I know you probably don’t even know what that movie is because it was in and out of theaters in 2.5 seconds. Before the movie started the boys and I were watching those things they show before hand that say quiet your beeper when I heard a loud woman talking to her kids. One of my boys told me how loud she was and I agreed. The movie starts and I get to watch movie trailers for movies that have already came out when a guy yelled at the loud woman saying “Are you going to talk during the whole movie!” I thought “What is going on”. Loud lady yelled back telling him to shut up. Angry man yelled back “Your an adult!” Then loudy said something I couldn’t hear surprisingly. The argument ended with a abrupt “SHUT UP” from the man. I just witnessed animals barking and growling at each other in public. I don’t know the last time I heard a verbal argument between two people in a public setting. I don’t expect much when I go to the dollar movies, but I didn’t expect to see a show before the show. Sometimes I wonder what drives people to start yelling. Look I get it you don’t want to hear the woman talking to her children during the movie. You could move, you could get your $1.50 back. Keep in mind, its the dollar movies. I come to that place with low expectations for everything from the movies I see to the how they look on the scratchy screen. I have never told someone I haven’t sat down with or know to shut up. I watched the primal human condition breakdown to yelling. Over a little talking. People need to calm down,enjoy things. Enjoy your $1.50 movie. The movie went on as usual and I heard the woman only talk once or twice. Cyclops were taken down, fire monsters were extinguished. It was a good time.I expected to see a fight when we left. Kind of  was hoping.


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