The girl in the car smoking

After lunch with a friend today I saw a girl in her car smoking a cigarette. The first thought I had was man why is she smoking its ruining her life. The next thought is crap I do the exact same thing to myself.I don’t smoke,I eat.  I’m the not the smallest of people. I’m what you would call and XL person. Food is my favorite thing and probably has been since I was an embryo. The joy I get from chowing down on a burrito or burger brings me more joy than watching The Lord of The Rings.I was also judging the girl from a moral standpoint.Like saying to myself,oh man she one of those smoker types, its not right to smoke.Jesus thinks its bad. Maybe I cared that she smoked because she was attractive. I see people smoke all the time,but if they look decent, its different. Thats a whole other issue that I judge people on. If you look the part its ok to smoke or chow down.That girl was just living out her addiction more publicly instead of me going to my room with a fudge cake alone and hiding it. I have never succesly came through with a diet,but I haven’t really tried. I bet that girl has tried quitting with that weird gum but she just spits it out. Like me eyeing a lemon cake, she eyes a pack of Newports. My addiction to fudge rounds is the same sin as a sin of a person shooting up meth or smoking. There should be no moral judgment or judgement at all when it comes to looking at peoples lives and those peoples faults. I try to judge my actions on what Jesus taught. I always fail. In the end its the same in Jesus’s eyes. Jesus also said take that fudgeround size plank out of your eye even before you look at that gorgeous girls cigarette in her hand. We all have addictions.Yes you perfect attendance church person.No one is perfect. Jesus gives us grace for our imperfections. Grace is amazing as the song goes. It gives hope to addicts,liars,cheaters,murderers, and me. I’m sure if that girl find this post she would think it was creepy, then she would light up.


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