Bama Bound

College the final frontier…until you conquer it and get a real job. This past Friday I went to Bama Bound. Bama Bound is where you get introduced to The University of Alabama, Bama traditions,fratboys and football. Also you register for classes. I went to a Bama Bound with my cousin about 13 years ago, I remember they had a funny video about college. Well 13 years later I’m sitting in orientation getting saturated with Yea Alabama and Roll Tides(never a bad thing). I kept myself entertained by tweeting about what I saw, some of them include,Everyone here is pretty,Penny Loafers are so in style,I will never roc crocs, and my personal favorite is So many lanyards. Finally after listening to what makes UofA  and excellent school and some dumb game of Deal or No Deal where the ambassadors tell you how amazing Bama Cash is, we split into groups of our field of study.My field is social work. There was a total of eight…yes eight. Eight people in Social Work. In total there is 230 out of the 31,000 students at Bama in the field. Also I was one of two guys. I think I picked the right school of study if you catch my dumb self saying they are a lot of girls in social work. My building that my school is in about 100 years old and its where football started at the university. I think it used to be a gym. It smells like it. I like the building though, its full of history and I will be getting used to it because that will be my life the next 2 years. After meeting some teachers and such it was lunchtime. I picked up my student ID and took a picture with a guy in an elephant suit. After I ate I wondered around trying to look cool and like I was busy. One of my fellow social work students called me over to her group. I was kind of a creeper and was hanging around near then so they would call me over. I was getting desperate to talk people,I can only tweet so much. I hung out with social work majors at lunch time and figured out why they were doing it and where they were from. None of them were from Tuscaloosa and didn’t understand why all the Roll Tides. They were all super nice.I registered for classes and that was that. I’m now a student at Alabama. I never thought I would be a student at Bama. My plan wasn’t clear even a year ago. This fall will be challenging,fun and completely different. I’m super excited and scared/nervous. Roll Tide.


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