Basketball….I sort of care

Basketball has been the big topic at work lately because of the NBA finals between the Heat and the Thunder. I work with two black dudes so we talk about basketball all day. That sounded kind of racist,but it is what we talk about. I don’t know much about basketball. My sport is college football. Alabama football at that. One of my coworkers worships Lebron James and The Miami Heat.My other coworker falls in line with the hate Lebron group. That is where I fall. I really don’t know much about the sport except that the players are tall and there is a hoop and a ball. I don’t much about the terminology, I sort of know what the top of the key is and what “going hard in the paint” means. I do sort of fake care about the sport. I enjoy following it and I enjoy rooting against a certain team and player. I also like talking crap to my co-worker about how Lebron is terrible person.Which a true statement even if he made those commercials where he trying to change the education system. I like to fake like. If Alabama is in the National Championship game,yes I truly care about the outcome of that game.It will effect my daily life. Like when LSU beat Bama the first time, it made me feel about every emotion possible.My team just got beat for the first time in a long time and I’m going to feel it. Well was I amazed when we shut them out the next time we met and I bought one of those championship shirts the next day that go on sale the next month. If the Heat beat the Thunder in the NBA finals, yeah I want the other team to win but I don’t care about it personally. I enjoy caring about stuff I don’t care about. If OKC loses, they lose. I fake hope they win though. It will make the talks with my coworkers better. I can down the Heat until the next season.What gets me though is when they think I care alot about it. My coworkers will bring up some obscure player, and they think I will know who they are talking about. You kind of get stuck in a lie trap where you have agree that guy was great or yeah he was overrated just to keep the conversation going. Sometimes I wish I could reveal my true colors and be like “I’m a nerd and I only like football”.Its all good though. I can fake it.When the NBA season is over, I guess we will talk crap about each others favorite football teams until winter. In that case the conversations will be more important. And as I type this, OKC is down by 30, so the Heat will win the NBA finals. But I don’t care.


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