NYC….there’s something about you

ImageI just back from the best vacation I have had in a while. This vacation didn’t involve putt-putt at the beach,sunburn, or a cabin on a mountain where the only entertainment was ourselves. I just got back from New York,New York. Manhattan. The Big Apple. The City. The Island of Misfit Toys. Wait thats a different thing. New York was great. I have never have got to experience a large city before being from Alabama. Now that I have mentioned Alabama I have to say Roll Tide, it is required by law. Alabama’s(roll tide) biggest city is Birmingham and it has 5 buildings in total. When I flew into NYC I saw a about a billion buildings and it was sort of shocking. I got into a cab with a quiet foreigner who whispered here and there into his blu tooth set. Seeing how massive and full the city looked driving in was astonishing.It was intimidating. After weaving in out of traffic and stopping and gunning the taxi engine I arrived at my hotel. My hotel was in a great central location. You could walk 5 blocks and be in Times Square or a couple of blocks the other direction and be at Rockefeller Plaza. It was golden. I have just now starting using that phrase and I hope it becomes the next “WASSSUPPP”. I had time to kill so and me and parents went down to Time Square to see what it was all about. Needless to say my eyes couldn’t take the screens at first. Sensory overload. Oh and people standing in the middle to get the best picture of them being at the famous location. I liked Time Square for the most part. I couldn’t find what was so appealing about it. Its a cool part of town, but its so packed with tons of tourist and guys dressed in outfits.Its too much.The guy dressed as the naked indian wasn’t even fully naked.After that we checked in. After getting settled I ate the best pizza at a place called Johns Pizzeria. Its a tourist trap, but its amazing. What if there was a crazy guy that actually had tourist traps lying around the city. The news headline would read “Dead tourist found in a tourist trap, and no not that amazing pizza place on 44th but an actually pit filled with keychains”. The next day I woke up chaffed and ready to hit the city hard. I took the NBC Studio Tour in the morning. It was a great tour and most of all I got to see Brian Williams desk. I’m kidding the best thing was I got to see where SNL is made. Its awesome to see the place that has giving me tons of laughs over the years. The tour ended and I snooped around the NBC store. While there I scored some Jimmy Fallon monologue tickets. Jimmy Fallon does his monologue to practice what jokes get the most laughs. Jimmy Fallon was in a dress so it made it even funnier. It was cool to see Fallon but its even cooler I got to see a skit that would show later that night. Channing Tatum was also in the skit and he was dressed as a girl. I got to see Fallon do his monologue in a dress and it was the best thing ever. I loved every second of it. It felt like it lasted seconds. Friday was filled with going up 30 Rock to see the sights. The city looks like a piece of art from 60 some odd floors up. The building jigsaw puzzled beside each other, fitting perfectly into there spot. I believe the same day I explored Central Park. I felt like I could breath in Central Park because of the trees. I see why New Yorkers flee to that spot to get some air and some some urbin sunbathing done. White folks gotta stay tan. Unless your a hipster and you only come out at night or if Mumford and Sons is playing anywhere close. One of the great things about NYC is the amount of culture and people types you experience. One out of every third person speaks a different langue. Thats not a true stat, but it sounded good. Saturday I took my parents to a broadway musical.I would never get to see a broadway musical in Alabama(roll tide) because one thing Broadway is not in Bama,also Bama has no artistic culture it seems. Our culture is football. I love football and I’m proud to serve the crimson and white. I also enjoy staring at a painting at the Museum of Modern Art to try to understand how its art or what its meaning is. Seeing a Van Gogue or Picasso in person is beyond amazing. You can email me what beyond amazing means. I hit downtown about Sunday to see The Statue of Liberty and 9/11 memorial. I wore my Captain America shirt because thats the most patriotic shirt I own. Seeing the Statue of Liberty was cool just to knock it off my non exist bucket list. The 9/11 memorial was well done and you get a sense of the turmoil that happened even though it was about 12 years ago the attacks happened. On my last day me and my pops explored a little bit of the East Village. The East Village is a completely different part of town. The Village People came from there. I don’t know if that is true and don’t quote me on that. I mean trying to walk into a McDonalds a girl with no shirt or bra walked by.True story. I stopped by the Flat Iron building on the way back up just to see it. The subway was easy to navigate and I wish I used it more. I walked and chaffed a lot. I started a fire once. I kind of fell in love with NYC and I miss it. I feel like I could fit in there. I also believe I would become sort of harsh. I think the city makes people harsh. Weaving in and out of tourist. A woman walk passed us and said f***ing tourist sort of under her breath. Loud enough to make it hurt. I sort of understandable. Think if the quad at Bama constantly had people with I love bama t-shirts looking at maps.It would get irritating. Maybe I have been drenched in southern hospitably enough to be nice to folks like one of my former high school coaches that lives up there. I enjoyed New York City and look forward to going up there again to explore some more. Its back to real life now. The slow moving southern drawl kind of life.


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