The Amazing Spiderman(TAS)

I went to a 10:30 showing of The Amazing Spiderman yesterday. That may be the ealierst showing of a movie I have been at in my lifetime. The Amazing Spiderman was good. It was different because they played with the origin story a little more and made it there own. My favorite hero has always Spidey. The whole dealing with life while fighting a lizard at the same time was shown in well in TAS. Yeah I called it TAS. It felt more like a comic story. Its so hard to compare it though with the original trilogy. I fell in love with the original trilogy.It came out at a time when I was still sort of a boy and moving into my teenage years.I rewatched those movies last summer and they are still amazing to me.Even the third one. Also Kirsten Dunst was hot as Mary Jane. I really did enjoy TAS. I need to stop calling it that. I need to give it a second watch I think to catch things and will be doing that soon. Andrew Garfield ruled and played Peter Parker well. Emma Stone was good and I like the fact she plays Gwen Stacy who is pre Mary Jane. Now that ultra interesting fact is done I highly recommend this movie. I enjoyed seeing Uncle Ben die again. Not really cause its just as sad the second time.Spidey is back and with that comes sort of a darker tale. With great actors come great movie going experiences.Go see it.


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