All day metal fest

Last Saturday I went to an all day heavy metal fest with my friends. I went because I have always wanted to go and because I occasionally like to bang my head to over distorted,screaming/growling vocals type of music. Its a beautiful sound. The venue was full of black t-shirts and long goatees. I didn’t fit in to say the least. The music I like to listen to is listened to by people that all dress the same and have the same attitude about life. Apparently all metal heads have no hope for anything in life except maybe beer. They walk around with cigarettes in there mouths wearing there favorite band t-shirt that faded in the 80s. They may or may not have showered. I have a love/hate relationship with metal heads.In a way its awesome to enjoy the same type of music but I have some kind of expression on my face that says I enjoy things.I watched some bands that I liked about 4 years ago. They didn’t play any songs I knew but were solid. After waiting around for 9 hours the band I came to see on went on stage. Slipknots intro started and immediate joy hit my friends and I faces. Slipknot may not be the cleanest lyrically or physically but they are amazing live. The musicianship is top notch and they wear masks onstage to hide there beards and neck tattoos. The 8 remaining members headbang(one died in 2010) in sync and destroy. It was just awesome to watch. I liked being there even though I did not fit in at all. It was good experience I wont forget.I can knock off seeing Slipknot and going to a metal fest off of the best things Drew Hulsey has ever done list.  Its nice to hang with friends and nice to do something you wouldn’t normally do.Go do something abnormal sometime.I got home around 2 in the morning and got up the next morning for church to ask God for forgiveness for the things I saw and heard.


PS that couple in the pic was the cutest/notcutest thing everImage


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