Muffin grace

The other night at work we had muffins for the boy’s night snack. After the barrage of the boys ate the muffins there was only one left. I knew there was one left because I was eyeing it myself. After the nightly chores were done and the boys were sent to bed,I looked in the muffin pan and to see that the last remaining muffin was gone. Either one of my boys took it or the muffin learned to walk and avoided certain death. I checked the boys rooms and the great muffin thief was caught. The muffin thief had hid it under his bed. I took the muffin and threw it away. It was not a surprising occurrence that this boy had taken something because a few weeks ago I found a gameboy in his pillow case. A little later in the night I notice the boy had found himself in a corner and was crying. I walked up to the him and ask what was the matter. I had a arousing suspicion is was about a muffin. Sure enough it was. The kid felt so bad about stealing the snack and it was kind of heartbreaking to watch. The boy explained to me how he shouldn’t be able to sleep in a bed and he didn’t deserve to be in a place like this. He should be locked up for what he had done. I told him it was just a muffin and it was nothing to worry about. The boy continued his crying and went on to explain to me how he wasn’t good and was a super bad kid. I explained to the boy to get up on his feet,give me a hug,it was just a muffin and go to bed. I lifted him off the ground. I told him he was awesome kid and its awesome how much he knows so much about a certain game he likes to play and that its cool when he shares that info to me. I gave my boy a hug and sent him to bed. Grace. I gave that kid some grace I wonder if that what it feels like to God every time I lie or overeat or want to cuss out someone or something. I bet God looks at us and says “Hey man,its cool,your good, get out of the corner and get some rest it was just a muffin”.I’m not saying I’m god like in anyway because I gave a boy a break because he stole a muffin. I have just felt God’s grace enough to maybe give a little grace myself. It felt awesome. I didn’t give the boy restriction or sent him to hell, I just let it go.Of course that boy came back later in the night to ask me for some chips because you know….he didn’t get to eat the muffin.


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