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Muffin grace

The other night at work we had muffins for the boy’s night snack. After the barrage of the boys ate the muffins there was only one left. I knew there was one left because I was eyeing it myself. After the nightly chores were done and the boys were sent to bed,I looked in the muffin pan and to see that the last remaining muffin was gone. Either one of my boys took it or the muffin learned to walk and avoided certain death. I checked the boys rooms and the great muffin thief was caught. The muffin thief had hid it under his bed. I took the muffin and threw it away. It was not a surprising occurrence that this boy had taken something because a few weeks ago I found a gameboy in his pillow case. A little later in the night I notice the boy had found himself in a corner and was crying. I walked up to the him and ask what was the matter. I had a arousing suspicion is was about a muffin. Sure enough it was. The kid felt so bad about stealing the snack and it was kind of heartbreaking to watch. The boy explained to me how he shouldn’t be able to sleep in a bed and he didn’t deserve to be in a place like this. He should be locked up for what he had done. I told him it was just a muffin and it was nothing to worry about. The boy continued his crying and went on to explain to me how he wasn’t good and was a super bad kid. I explained to the boy to get up on his feet,give me a hug,it was just a muffin and go to bed. I lifted him off the ground. I told him he was awesome kid and its awesome how much he knows so much about a certain game he likes to play and that its cool when he shares that info to me. I gave my boy a hug and sent him to bed. Grace. I gave that kid some grace I wonder if that what it feels like to God every time I lie or overeat or want to cuss out someone or something. I bet God looks at us and says “Hey man,its cool,your good, get out of the corner and get some rest it was just a muffin”.I’m not saying I’m god like in anyway because I gave a boy a break because he stole a muffin. I have just felt God’s grace enough to maybe give a little grace myself. It felt awesome. I didn’t give the boy restriction or sent him to hell, I just let it go.Of course that boy came back later in the night to ask me for some chips because you know….he didn’t get to eat the muffin.


All day metal fest

Last Saturday I went to an all day heavy metal fest with my friends. I went because I have always wanted to go and because I occasionally like to bang my head to over distorted,screaming/growling vocals type of music. Its a beautiful sound. The venue was full of black t-shirts and long goatees. I didn’t fit in to say the least. The music I like to listen to is listened to by people that all dress the same and have the same attitude about life. Apparently all metal heads have no hope for anything in life except maybe beer. They walk around with cigarettes in there mouths wearing there favorite band t-shirt that faded in the 80s. They may or may not have showered. I have a love/hate relationship with metal heads.In a way its awesome to enjoy the same type of music but I have some kind of expression on my face that says I enjoy things.I watched some bands that I liked about 4 years ago. They didn’t play any songs I knew but were solid. After waiting around for 9 hours the band I came to see on went on stage. Slipknots intro started and immediate joy hit my friends and I faces. Slipknot may not be the cleanest lyrically or physically but they are amazing live. The musicianship is top notch and they wear masks onstage to hide there beards and neck tattoos. The 8 remaining members headbang(one died in 2010) in sync and destroy. It was just awesome to watch. I liked being there even though I did not fit in at all. It was good experience I wont forget.I can knock off seeing Slipknot and going to a metal fest off of the best things Drew Hulsey has ever done list.  Its nice to hang with friends and nice to do something you wouldn’t normally do.Go do something abnormal sometime.I got home around 2 in the morning and got up the next morning for church to ask God for forgiveness for the things I saw and heard.


PS that couple in the pic was the cutest/notcutest thing everImage

NYC….there’s something about you

ImageI just back from the best vacation I have had in a while. This vacation didn’t involve putt-putt at the beach,sunburn, or a cabin on a mountain where the only entertainment was ourselves. I just got back from New York,New York. Manhattan. The Big Apple. The City. The Island of Misfit Toys. Wait thats a different thing. New York was great. I have never have got to experience a large city before being from Alabama. Now that I have mentioned Alabama I have to say Roll Tide, it is required by law. Alabama’s(roll tide) biggest city is Birmingham and it has 5 buildings in total. When I flew into NYC I saw a about a billion buildings and it was sort of shocking. I got into a cab with a quiet foreigner who whispered here and there into his blu tooth set. Seeing how massive and full the city looked driving in was astonishing.It was intimidating. After weaving in out of traffic and stopping and gunning the taxi engine I arrived at my hotel. My hotel was in a great central location. You could walk 5 blocks and be in Times Square or a couple of blocks the other direction and be at Rockefeller Plaza. It was golden. I have just now starting using that phrase and I hope it becomes the next “WASSSUPPP”. I had time to kill so and me and parents went down to Time Square to see what it was all about. Needless to say my eyes couldn’t take the screens at first. Sensory overload. Oh and people standing in the middle to get the best picture of them being at the famous location. I liked Time Square for the most part. I couldn’t find what was so appealing about it. Its a cool part of town, but its so packed with tons of tourist and guys dressed in outfits.Its too much.The guy dressed as the naked indian wasn’t even fully naked.After that we checked in. After getting settled I ate the best pizza at a place called Johns Pizzeria. Its a tourist trap, but its amazing. What if there was a crazy guy that actually had tourist traps lying around the city. The news headline would read “Dead tourist found in a tourist trap, and no not that amazing pizza place on 44th but an actually pit filled with keychains”. The next day I woke up chaffed and ready to hit the city hard. I took the NBC Studio Tour in the morning. It was a great tour and most of all I got to see Brian Williams desk. I’m kidding the best thing was I got to see where SNL is made. Its awesome to see the place that has giving me tons of laughs over the years. The tour ended and I snooped around the NBC store. While there I scored some Jimmy Fallon monologue tickets. Jimmy Fallon does his monologue to practice what jokes get the most laughs. Jimmy Fallon was in a dress so it made it even funnier. It was cool to see Fallon but its even cooler I got to see a skit that would show later that night. Channing Tatum was also in the skit and he was dressed as a girl. I got to see Fallon do his monologue in a dress and it was the best thing ever. I loved every second of it. It felt like it lasted seconds. Friday was filled with going up 30 Rock to see the sights. The city looks like a piece of art from 60 some odd floors up. The building jigsaw puzzled beside each other, fitting perfectly into there spot. I believe the same day I explored Central Park. I felt like I could breath in Central Park because of the trees. I see why New Yorkers flee to that spot to get some air and some some urbin sunbathing done. White folks gotta stay tan. Unless your a hipster and you only come out at night or if Mumford and Sons is playing anywhere close. One of the great things about NYC is the amount of culture and people types you experience. One out of every third person speaks a different langue. Thats not a true stat, but it sounded good. Saturday I took my parents to a broadway musical.I would never get to see a broadway musical in Alabama(roll tide) because one thing Broadway is not in Bama,also Bama has no artistic culture it seems. Our culture is football. I love football and I’m proud to serve the crimson and white. I also enjoy staring at a painting at the Museum of Modern Art to try to understand how its art or what its meaning is. Seeing a Van Gogue or Picasso in person is beyond amazing. You can email me what beyond amazing means. I hit downtown about Sunday to see The Statue of Liberty and 9/11 memorial. I wore my Captain America shirt because thats the most patriotic shirt I own. Seeing the Statue of Liberty was cool just to knock it off my non exist bucket list. The 9/11 memorial was well done and you get a sense of the turmoil that happened even though it was about 12 years ago the attacks happened. On my last day me and my pops explored a little bit of the East Village. The East Village is a completely different part of town. The Village People came from there. I don’t know if that is true and don’t quote me on that. I mean trying to walk into a McDonalds a girl with no shirt or bra walked by.True story. I stopped by the Flat Iron building on the way back up just to see it. The subway was easy to navigate and I wish I used it more. I walked and chaffed a lot. I started a fire once. I kind of fell in love with NYC and I miss it. I feel like I could fit in there. I also believe I would become sort of harsh. I think the city makes people harsh. Weaving in and out of tourist. A woman walk passed us and said f***ing tourist sort of under her breath. Loud enough to make it hurt. I sort of understandable. Think if the quad at Bama constantly had people with I love bama t-shirts looking at maps.It would get irritating. Maybe I have been drenched in southern hospitably enough to be nice to folks like one of my former high school coaches that lives up there. I enjoyed New York City and look forward to going up there again to explore some more. Its back to real life now. The slow moving southern drawl kind of life.

The Amazing Spiderman(TAS)

I went to a 10:30 showing of The Amazing Spiderman yesterday. That may be the ealierst showing of a movie I have been at in my lifetime. The Amazing Spiderman was good. It was different because they played with the origin story a little more and made it there own. My favorite hero has always Spidey. The whole dealing with life while fighting a lizard at the same time was shown in well in TAS. Yeah I called it TAS. It felt more like a comic story. Its so hard to compare it though with the original trilogy. I fell in love with the original trilogy.It came out at a time when I was still sort of a boy and moving into my teenage years.I rewatched those movies last summer and they are still amazing to me.Even the third one. Also Kirsten Dunst was hot as Mary Jane. I really did enjoy TAS. I need to stop calling it that. I need to give it a second watch I think to catch things and will be doing that soon. Andrew Garfield ruled and played Peter Parker well. Emma Stone was good and I like the fact she plays Gwen Stacy who is pre Mary Jane. Now that ultra interesting fact is done I highly recommend this movie. I enjoyed seeing Uncle Ben die again. Not really cause its just as sad the second time.Spidey is back and with that comes sort of a darker tale. With great actors come great movie going experiences.Go see it.

Basketball….I sort of care

Basketball has been the big topic at work lately because of the NBA finals between the Heat and the Thunder. I work with two black dudes so we talk about basketball all day. That sounded kind of racist,but it is what we talk about. I don’t know much about basketball. My sport is college football. Alabama football at that. One of my coworkers worships Lebron James and The Miami Heat.My other coworker falls in line with the hate Lebron group. That is where I fall. I really don’t know much about the sport except that the players are tall and there is a hoop and a ball. I don’t much about the terminology, I sort of know what the top of the key is and what “going hard in the paint” means. I do sort of fake care about the sport. I enjoy following it and I enjoy rooting against a certain team and player. I also like talking crap to my co-worker about how Lebron is terrible person.Which a true statement even if he made those commercials where he trying to change the education system. I like to fake like. If Alabama is in the National Championship game,yes I truly care about the outcome of that game.It will effect my daily life. Like when LSU beat Bama the first time, it made me feel about every emotion possible.My team just got beat for the first time in a long time and I’m going to feel it. Well was I amazed when we shut them out the next time we met and I bought one of those championship shirts the next day that go on sale the next month. If the Heat beat the Thunder in the NBA finals, yeah I want the other team to win but I don’t care about it personally. I enjoy caring about stuff I don’t care about. If OKC loses, they lose. I fake hope they win though. It will make the talks with my coworkers better. I can down the Heat until the next season.What gets me though is when they think I care alot about it. My coworkers will bring up some obscure player, and they think I will know who they are talking about. You kind of get stuck in a lie trap where you have agree that guy was great or yeah he was overrated just to keep the conversation going. Sometimes I wish I could reveal my true colors and be like “I’m a nerd and I only like football”.Its all good though. I can fake it.When the NBA season is over, I guess we will talk crap about each others favorite football teams until winter. In that case the conversations will be more important. And as I type this, OKC is down by 30, so the Heat will win the NBA finals. But I don’t care.

Bama Bound

College the final frontier…until you conquer it and get a real job. This past Friday I went to Bama Bound. Bama Bound is where you get introduced to The University of Alabama, Bama traditions,fratboys and football. Also you register for classes. I went to a Bama Bound with my cousin about 13 years ago, I remember they had a funny video about college. Well 13 years later I’m sitting in orientation getting saturated with Yea Alabama and Roll Tides(never a bad thing). I kept myself entertained by tweeting about what I saw, some of them include,Everyone here is pretty,Penny Loafers are so in style,I will never roc crocs, and my personal favorite is So many lanyards. Finally after listening to what makes UofA  and excellent school and some dumb game of Deal or No Deal where the ambassadors tell you how amazing Bama Cash is, we split into groups of our field of study.My field is social work. There was a total of eight…yes eight. Eight people in Social Work. In total there is 230 out of the 31,000 students at Bama in the field. Also I was one of two guys. I think I picked the right school of study if you catch my dumb self saying they are a lot of girls in social work. My building that my school is in about 100 years old and its where football started at the university. I think it used to be a gym. It smells like it. I like the building though, its full of history and I will be getting used to it because that will be my life the next 2 years. After meeting some teachers and such it was lunchtime. I picked up my student ID and took a picture with a guy in an elephant suit. After I ate I wondered around trying to look cool and like I was busy. One of my fellow social work students called me over to her group. I was kind of a creeper and was hanging around near then so they would call me over. I was getting desperate to talk people,I can only tweet so much. I hung out with social work majors at lunch time and figured out why they were doing it and where they were from. None of them were from Tuscaloosa and didn’t understand why all the Roll Tides. They were all super nice.I registered for classes and that was that. I’m now a student at Alabama. I never thought I would be a student at Bama. My plan wasn’t clear even a year ago. This fall will be challenging,fun and completely different. I’m super excited and scared/nervous. Roll Tide.

Prometheus ruled

Prometheus ruled

The movie is gorgeous. Sci-fi all the way.Actors were great. Noomi Rapace was awesome. I loved this movie.

The girl in the car smoking

After lunch with a friend today I saw a girl in her car smoking a cigarette. The first thought I had was man why is she smoking its ruining her life. The next thought is crap I do the exact same thing to myself.I don’t smoke,I eat.  I’m the not the smallest of people. I’m what you would call and XL person. Food is my favorite thing and probably has been since I was an embryo. The joy I get from chowing down on a burrito or burger brings me more joy than watching The Lord of The Rings.I was also judging the girl from a moral standpoint.Like saying to myself,oh man she one of those smoker types, its not right to smoke.Jesus thinks its bad. Maybe I cared that she smoked because she was attractive. I see people smoke all the time,but if they look decent, its different. Thats a whole other issue that I judge people on. If you look the part its ok to smoke or chow down.That girl was just living out her addiction more publicly instead of me going to my room with a fudge cake alone and hiding it. I have never succesly came through with a diet,but I haven’t really tried. I bet that girl has tried quitting with that weird gum but she just spits it out. Like me eyeing a lemon cake, she eyes a pack of Newports. My addiction to fudge rounds is the same sin as a sin of a person shooting up meth or smoking. There should be no moral judgment or judgement at all when it comes to looking at peoples lives and those peoples faults. I try to judge my actions on what Jesus taught. I always fail. In the end its the same in Jesus’s eyes. Jesus also said take that fudgeround size plank out of your eye even before you look at that gorgeous girls cigarette in her hand. We all have addictions.Yes you perfect attendance church person.No one is perfect. Jesus gives us grace for our imperfections. Grace is amazing as the song goes. It gives hope to addicts,liars,cheaters,murderers, and me. I’m sure if that girl find this post she would think it was creepy, then she would light up.


Watched Life Aquatic today, first time watching it. Bill Murray is fantastic. The end had me almost tearing up with that Sigur Ros song. One of those movies I will watch again soon.


Finally saw The Descendants. Good movie. Clooney is awesome.Sad at times, humorous at times.I think Shailene Woodley stole the movie for me though.