The Wrath of the Dollar Movie Goers

I don’t expect much when I go to the dollar movies. You pay a $1.50 for movies you kind of want to see but don’t want to spend 8 bucks on. I once saw a trailer at the dollar movies for Die Hard 2, explain that one to me. I took some of my boys from work today to see Wrath of the Titans. I know you probably don’t even know what that movie is because it was in and out of theaters in 2.5 seconds. Before the movie started the boys and I were watching those things they show before hand that say quiet your beeper when I heard a loud woman talking to her kids. One of my boys told me how loud she was and I agreed. The movie starts and I get to watch movie trailers for movies that have already came out when a guy yelled at the loud woman saying “Are you going to talk during the whole movie!” I thought “What is going on”. Loud lady yelled back telling him to shut up. Angry man yelled back “Your an adult!” Then loudy said something I couldn’t hear surprisingly. The argument ended with a abrupt “SHUT UP” from the man. I just witnessed animals barking and growling at each other in public. I don’t know the last time I heard a verbal argument between two people in a public setting. I don’t expect much when I go to the dollar movies, but I didn’t expect to see a show before the show. Sometimes I wonder what drives people to start yelling. Look I get it you don’t want to hear the woman talking to her children during the movie. You could move, you could get your $1.50 back. Keep in mind, its the dollar movies. I come to that place with low expectations for everything from the movies I see to the how they look on the scratchy screen. I have never told someone I haven’t sat down with or know to shut up. I watched the primal human condition breakdown to yelling. Over a little talking. People need to calm down,enjoy things. Enjoy your $1.50 movie. The movie went on as usual and I heard the woman only talk once or twice. Cyclops were taken down, fire monsters were extinguished. It was a good time.I expected to see a fight when we left. Kind of  was hoping.


10 minutes of coolness and ditching a friend

I was a cool kid for about 10 minutes. It happened at band camp. In 7th grade. Thats not the cool part. Definitely not the cool part. I confessed my attempt at being cool to my best friend last night while playing Xbox Live, now thats really cool. Anyway I played bass drum in 7th grade with a much “cooler” older guy who played snare. This cooler older guy was a 9th grader. Oh yeah, 9th grade,the big time. One night the cool guys were doing something and I was drawn to them.I left my friend who I hung out with 24/7 to hang out at there bunk. What they were doing involved looking at hot girls in a yearbook with a flashlight after bedtime.So cool,so extreme. I remember thinking it was so awesome that I saw something my best friend did not. I think I remember how weird it was walking by my best friends bunk I after ditched him,all to look at a yearbook with 9th graders.Why is there a yearbook at bandcamp anyway? I just now realize how much of a jerk I was for ditching my best friend. I never thought about it up until last night when I apologized. It wasn’t a serious conversation and this happened over 10 years ago. My friend said he was hurt at the time and never brought it up to me. The one moment I was cool didn’t ruin my friendship. We had some good times at that band camp after that. Chasing girls, playing a game we called fudgeball(you hit a ping pong ball hard at each other, you get hit, you yell fudge),getting measured for band uniforms,sweating from marching all day. It was a weird time. I wanted to be cool. I found an opportunity to be cool and it was plain dumb. I was dumb. I don’t know what made me think of that story. It wasn’t a huge event in my life. Just a moment when I abandoned my friend for a night that stuck in my brain. Man fudgeball was fun.



SNL send off of Kristen Wiig was great,really going to miss her. The dance with Lorne Micheals was awesome. I know Wiig will do great things for the comedy realm.

My love of Max Payne


Max Payne has always had a spot in my heart. 12 years ago or so Max Payne came out for the Xbox and that other game system I want recognize. That was the first game I remember other than Tony Hawk I played constantly without ever getting tired. Max Payne is about a cop who’s family gets killed by drug addicts.Max cant deal with his loss and it haunts him everyday.Meanwhile the russian mob is causing havoc in NYC.I loved the game because of it quirks and it story was fantastic. It was serious but it had its funny moments. All I really cared at that time about was bullet time shooting and the enemy’s love of soap operas,but after playing it recently I realize its true greatness.Also the music was awesome. There was one level I played at least one-hundred times.Max Payne is in my top 3 favorite games of all times.The second one was all right, not as great as the first.Well Max Payne 3 comes out tomorrow and I’m getting pretty excited to fill Max’s shoes again. I have a feeling nostalgia will take over and it will be great. It wont be the happiest game,but it will be a good time.

A day of bad driving and a confrontation with a old man

I like driving. I have been doing it for 7 years. I get to catch up on podcasts,try out new bands and occasionally think. I hate bad driving. Not like the stereotypical bad driving like Asians or women, I’m talking about my driving. The other day when I met a friend for lunch was a day of bad driving. Rain,not knowing where I’m going,looking at an iPhone GPS all led a weird confrontation with a guy at the place I was meeting my friend for lunch. Another thing I hate is confrontation. After missing my turn in the rain, looking at my phone, talking to my friend, u-turn, I found the right turn. I thought all the honking and u-turning was over until I pulled in front of a guy backing into a spot. I saw him at the last second and sped into the spot. After ordering lunch the guy behind was the guy that almost hit me. The guy at the counter asked the guy behind me how he was doing and he said he “Would like to of hit me”. In my brain I heard he wanted to slap me.I know he meant he almost hit me with his truck but I thought physically hit me.Immediately I apologized and I don’t think he said thanks. I walked off a little frazzled that I couldn’t think about what to talk about with my friend for a tidbit. It wasn’t even a little bit of a huge confrontation but it was enough to leave me nervous. I couldn’t even imagine a giant confrontation where I messed up something detrimental. I would hide. Runaway. That’s just the kind of person I am. I guess I need to be less of wimp more of a….man .I don’t even know. I guess for now I will avoid confrontation or try to…..and never drive in the rain never ever again. Lunch was worth it though.

Kenya Blog 1 Summer 2010

Here is example of one of blogs from my Kenya trip way back in summer 2010


Its been a week since I went to the slums, and the stuff I saw hasn’t really my head. As we were walking in the first thing we saw was a dead man in a street who had died of an overdose on pure alcohol. I was like “what the he have I gotten my self into God”. As we walked further into the slum we stepped over trails of sewage and dodging little kids screaming “How are you”? Wed did a house visit or a woman who lived in a 9×9 shack with 8 kids. She has 3 of her own and takes care her murdered sisters other 5 children. Wow. I was stunned. God broke me in that shack. I gave the woman rent for the month, which was like 13 bucks or something. I didn’t do it to feel better, I did it because Jesus commands it. I left the house changed. Further into the slums we came upon this ridge that overlooks the sewage river. This is where guys make alcohol like the one that killed the guy at the entrance. They make the stuff out of sewage. I was shell shocked at the overwhelming need, as if God himself couldn’t fix all that hurt and pain. We went back to the school we were helping at, I didn’t feel like playing kids, the same kids that stayed in the Mihari slums. The only thought I had the whole day after that was how can people live like this. The church shouldn’t let this stuff happen, these people are more than statistics. The people that live on less than a dollar a day are alive and well, well not to well. These people also have stories and lives, and some even believe in God. These people have more faith than most Christians living the American dream, and they have nothing. The prayer for this would be, God I pray the church realizes the overwhelming need and it takes this huge need of poverty on.

Drew Hulsey

Love you mom


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Kenya(stop listening)


So its been over 2 years since I went to Kenya. Not a day goes by I don’t think about it. It was just one of those things I took a step without looking back and did. Recently I was looking through my old blogs that the trip required us to write so we could let people in the states know how and what we were doing. Just reading those blogs I can see how on fire for Jesus I was and how I wanted to do everything possible when I got back home to help those in need. I wanted to start at least 10 communities,13 homeless shelters,an orphanage.I had to move to a huge city with poverty.I had to start picking up every homeless dude I saw hitching.I had to get the word out that Jesus is an amazing guy and you should really get to know him. For a while there after coming back I was going to single handlely change the education system through the power of my awesomeness…..and Jesus.I still don’t know to this day why I went, maybe just to get out of the house.I just knew I was supposed to go cause God said “Hey man it would be really awesome if you did what I told to do”. I guess I thought I was going to find my purpose in life or get radically changed because I indeed heard the call of Christ to go and be.Kenya did change me in a lot of ways.You cannot walk into a 9×9 hut with 9 children and a mother living there and not come out changed. But my on fire for Jesus attitude quickly fizzled after I realized there was a life to live in the U.S. A less exciting life that didn’t include playing with orphans or walking around in slums. But a grand life in the U.S no less. I even tried to rekindle the fire for Jesus by going again to a place called Lesotho.It was an amazing trip and I got to play with cute orphans again and I sure did bring a lot of soccer balls, but nothing came out of it as far as God’s purpose in my life. I still was unsure of my future and how it played out with God plans. I eventually quit worrying about hearing a loud cry from the heavens saying do this or that. I stopped listening.God didn’t even whisper his plans for me in my ear,they just happened.Now I have a job doing something I truly love, working in a Boys Home with kids who haven’t quite had the best life, or just haven’t found the right home yet. I know for sure it’s where God wants me to be. It wasn’t by some mission trip or Mother Mary in my toast type of thing that got to me to where I’m at. God just gave me an awesome journey to get back to a place I was already near.

The Avengers


Iron Man,The Hulk,Thor,Captain America,Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Joss Whedon directing, what more can a movie handle? The Avengers was fantastic. I love when hyped movies live up to the hype. Having all those characters Joss Whedon did a great job evenly distributing all of the super hero action. I have been a Whedon fan since laying my eyes on Firefly and glad he has come this far since Buffy the Vampire Slayer.Best hero movie since The Dark Knight.Great action,Laughs,Hulk, this movie has it all.  

Lego Batman


Lego Batman is a game adults and kids alike can enjoy. I got this game because I wanted something a little less on the story heavy side and more on just having fun. This is all fun. Being a comic book fan, this is a great way to introduce kids to the whole Batman universe. Each level introduces villains the caped caper will fight ranging from The Joker to the Killer Moth. On the adult part of things the levels give a little extra like things to collect and build. If you are a game completionist this a game for you. I just beat the Batman and Robin part of the game and now Im onto playing as the villains. I’m having a lot of fun with this game and you can get it for about $13.00 bucks. Highly recommend picking it up.

The new “The Amazing Spiderman” trailer

Hey look out its another Spiderman! I’m such a fan of the original three movies and I much rather see Sam Raimi direct another one, but I think its a good move for ole Spidey. The trailer is awesome, we get to see more of the Lizard, Spiderman banter, gorgeous views of the city(is that important?). June 3rd will be a great day when this comes out.